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Want to sell BeanSafe in your housewares department, coffee house or warehouse? So do we! Please contact us via the form below to receive wholesale information. Please be sure to include your phone number. Or email us at Info@BeanSafe.com Thank you!

BeanSafe coffee storage solutions are available for purchase at wholesale to verified retailers. Specialty coffee and tea vendors and quality food stores will find a ready market for our 1 lb. BeanSafe coffee storage canisters among customers participating in the booming coffee culture. And we have new products on the way!

Show your customers you love coffee as much as they do. Store those beans in BeanSafe. Our sturdy and dynamic packaging educates consumers on the benefits of BeanSafe and how to use it properly.

BeanSafe Five-Gallon-Lid with Patent-Pending One-Way Valve is the Coffee Storage Solution for Roasters, Vendors and Shippers

The BeanSafe Five-Gallon Lid fits any 3.5 to 7 gallon bucket, with the same storage abilities as the 1 lb. BeanSafe for home kitchens. For a variety of beans, wherever there’s a need for storage, the one-way valve makes it possible to hold the beans for a long as necessary and keep them fresh.

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